3...2...1 -- we are almost launched!

January 28, 2015 Jenni Burton's been a crazy few weeks as we put the finishing touches on our website and get ready to launch our product at two upcoming Varsity Spirit events.  We're getting ready to put up the product imagery and officially "open for business".  So what are a few lessons we have learned along the way?

1. You can't control the weather - so just breathe. We are currently in flux with some shipments that are stuck on a runway due the snowstorm in the Northeast.  There is absolutely nothing we can do, so while we are headed down for our first pop up shop; we have accepted our product might be delayed, so we'll make the best out of it and hope to drum up some excitement with our samples at the event...and heck, we are going to Disney World so I am sure there is something we can find to keep us busy (teacups, anyone?)

2. Mistakes happen. We might have made a pretty big typo on packaging; but we are already laughing about it. In the scheme of life, this is a small mistake that was able to be corrected without too much hoopla; phew!

3. Passion is contagious. Ashley and I are both super excited about Milestones and our launch - our passion has gotten others within our company excited and supportive of this brand and initiative; which is frankly just awesome to see!

4. Start small. We have a vision for where we want to grow this line of jewelry, but right now we have started small -- we're launching with 8 awesome sterling silver necklaces, by starting small we hope we can learn a lot and quickly scale up. We're living by the theory that it is better to get launched small than to wait until everything is ready and perfect and possibly never launch.  

So here we go...we'll be going live TOMORROW with everything, we hope you'll join us for the ride!